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Eyan is a awesome, caring, nice, weird individual. He is really awesome and is fun to be around. He is good at basketball and can cross up anyone any day. You better watch out tho because he will steal your girl, this is because he is very cute, sweet, hot as fuck, and will be savage about it. Keep your eyes open fam.
Girl 1 - Damn that new Eyan kid is lookin bomb as ever
Girl 2 - Yeah, lowkey tryna break up wit my mans and get him
Girl 1 - Yas bitch you got it
by yungflasidhoe July 30, 2018
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The epitome of chill, probably one of the most flexible crazy straws you'll ever meet. Typically really good at making himself look stupid. Like, really stupid. Most likely is.

Probably brought up looking up names on Urban Dictionary.
Hey, you see that Eyan kid? Is there something wrong with him?
by Splort McNibbles April 04, 2015
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The dumbest person you will ever meet. He can't even do the simplest of math problems. He doesn't have any common sense either, but he will try to steal your girl and fail miserably.
"You failed your math test? You're such an Eyan."
by NotBraydenReddit April 28, 2017
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Tall, skinny and geeky guy. Really bad at basketball like legit can't fucking dribble and usually has no friends at all
That kid is such an Eyan at basketball
by RexTheRetard September 17, 2017
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