Like its common phrase counterpart "lit", this is where a situation is not "lit" but the opposite of this situation, like something being lame.
His mom walked in on the party, the whole place was extinguished.
by A man of Knowledge April 6, 2017
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the opposite of lit, lit being a term kids born in this generation use which is embarrassing as fuck to say and to hear be said
holy fuck this spending spree is extremely extinguished, the new supreme merch is out of stock
by Zephiie January 8, 2018
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A humorous way to say "penis". This term also refers to the fact that a fire extinguisher squirts water to put out fire, and so could someone's penis by urinating.
Someone: "What's that bulge on your pants?"
Funny guy: "It's my fire extinguisher!"

A douchebag throws a cigarette on a dry ground
Someone: Hey, this could start a fire!
Funny guy: "Luckily, I brought my fire extinguisher with me" then whips out his penis and urinates on the cigarette.
by Steini kallinn June 18, 2010
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While having sex...get to the point of ejaculation. Quickly pull out and strike a match to light her pubes on fire. Ejaculate on the pubes and extinguish the flame!
The fire extinguisher rewetted me from the fire!
by Firefighter2000 November 30, 2006
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to skeet on a fire to turn it off
"robert" saved my house by acting as a skeet extinguisher.
by shagthefag November 29, 2006
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The ugly girl you stare at to get rid of a boner.
"Damn, just looking at that boner extinguisher made me soft."

"Man, that girls a total boner extinguisher."
by Supabetch August 6, 2013
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Zombie Extinguisher is a "human" male living in Estonia. He is the only owner of sandbox vanilla™.

He is also called Zombo, Zombie, Zobie, Zob, owner.

He has a job and he is doing that when he is not answering his discord.

He is the owner of the sandbox vanilla™ discord server (obviously)
sandbox vanilla player: Zombie pls ban

Zombie Extinguisher after 1h: ok
by wetpa April 1, 2021
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