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Weird neopronouns that no one on earth knows how to pronounce
"I go by xe/xem"
Nahh I'll just call you they/them
by Commieblocks December 8, 2022
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Slang for nazi, probably originated from nazi uniforms looking like electrician uniforms and/or swastikas looking like wires, mostly used on discord
Would you rather be an "electrician" or fr- french 🤮
by Commieblocks May 7, 2023
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A guy that turned from being a rapper into a full-on neo-nazi anti-semite.
Elon Musk banned Kanye West from Twitter on December 2, 2022 for promoting nazism.
by Commieblocks December 3, 2022
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a trend on yt shorts & tiktok
so basically, a piano account posted a chord progression with the music noted so you can follow along
and people interpreted it as lyrics so people started dueting it trying to sing them lmao
and dfac just so happens to sound like "DA FUCK?" so thats the part where people scream
Fun fact: the chords of face fabd egbd egac dfac dfgb cegc are actually the chord progression to the opening of Never Gonna Give You Up
by Commieblocks May 7, 2023
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A term typically used to describe the platform "Roblox" due to its lego-like qualities.
Are you guys causing drama about a lego game again?
by Commieblocks April 25, 2021
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I Love You So
originates as an acronym from the song "I Love You So" by The Walters
by Commieblocks May 7, 2023
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