1) People, who ban other's freedom of speech, because they feel "uncomfortable" hearing different opinions.
2) People, who physically assault other individuals, and damage both public and private property in the name of "peace" and "love".
3) People, who care more about their selfish desires and arrogant views than about the country they live in.
Why is everyone so supportive of alt-left destroying our nation? When will finally someone stop those alt-left terrorists?
by useless.info August 16, 2017
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1. (noun) The part of the "left" that is anti-feminist, anti-intersectionality, transphobic, homophobic, Islamophobic and antisemitic, believes in conspiracy theories about the Frankfurt School, and calls the rest of the left SJW cucks. In short, they are the alt-right wearing anarchist and communist clothing, for reasons known only to them.
2. (adjective) Characteristic of the alt-left.
1. wtf, i followed this Marxist Memes Facebook page and it's run by the alt-left
2. sounds alt-left but ok
by Wilma Auld December 31, 2016
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Anybody who doesn't like Nazis, apparently.
Calling people who don't like Nazis the alt-left is like calling people who don't savor the consumption of human flesh alt-vegetarians
by slifty August 15, 2017
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A made up word to create a false equivalence between the far right and anything vaguely left-seeming that the alt-right do not like.
“What about the ‘alt-left’ that came charging at, as you say, the ‘alt-right’?” Donald Trump
by Trumpdump August 16, 2017
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The vector of linear time in contraposition to the vector of cyclical time.

The momentum of effective or linear time.
The vector of effective time is alt-left.
by tomorrowtomorrow July 16, 2018
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anyone who dares to express disagreement with Trump followers. While at the same time blaming the other side entirely for any problems.
example: Donald Trumps response to Charlottesville
Trump follower: I was at a peaceful demonstration . I only had a helmet, riot shield and a gun to protect myself and an alt-left thug with a can of mace sprayed me .

Trump follower 2: They should all be locked up.
by Morbid Curiosi August 15, 2017
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Something that doesn't exist. There is no such thing as the "alt-left"
Jerry: This alt-left ANTIFA shit is the real fascism man!
Tommy: Jerry how do you feel about immigration?
Jerry: uhhhhh
by Gnome Chomski April 30, 2020
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