Digital Line
AT&T was the first to use the term T1. A T1 transfers signals digitally at 1.54 megabits per second in both upload and download modes.
The school shares 3 T1's.
by Larstait November 12, 2003
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top one. the best. people in worcestershire say it loads ive heard them
goml fam i am the t1 best badman eu get me?
by stanley panley October 15, 2011
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Short for Texas One Leg, which is where you hit it missionary except one of the girls legs is on your shoulder.
"I had a good session with that girl, I even busted out a t1 to finish things off"
by randomhero December 10, 2004
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t1. Also the nickname for any Toyota model T-100 Truck. Ussually with a mediocre v6 and offroad capability. In many cities of Texas it is the vehicle of choice to transport Lortabs and PercoCets..
Yo mane stay hella lean' in that t1.
by September 13, 2006
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T1: A section of Role Play that involves fighting. More detailed, it is Paragraph Fighting where no less than 5 lines per post, usually in a yahoo room, will be accepted. T1 is usually extremely detailed, so as to not have any misconceptions about an attack or get any details misconstrued. This has also been known as Method One, Type One, and Paragraph Fighting.
by Raiher Ramirez May 14, 2006
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Linking to offensive content on accident by not reading through the entire thing.
RJ totally did a T1 on me today. He was really embarassed.
by UrIToverlord September 9, 2010
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