A dirty female genitilia, someone who just looks like they have been around. They quite often are like burst open bacon sandwiches with porrige running out of them.
Cameron : " Dibs on that girl over there, she is fuckin slammin"

Mark : " No problem, bet she's got a right dirty exhaust"

Cameron : " Yeah, im gonna put my hooligan right in her exhast."
by Dirty Handbag August 24, 2009
To be drunk, or in a state of drunkenness, especially if the source of merriment was communion wine.
"I didn't really know what was going on. I was extremely exhausted at the time." ~Luke
by kingcrop February 9, 2009
A state where your body is fully capable but the mind is exhausted.
I just woke up but I can’t go to office due to this exhaustism.
by Triptitious April 8, 2018
A mental state reached after believing in and waiting for the world to be saved by Elon Musk.
John: Hey man, did you hear Elon is accepting deposits for the next Model R5000 Solar-Rechargeable Solid-State Battery-Powered Air-Purifying Peace-Bringing Mars-Rocketing free-after-savings car?

Adam: Nah man, I have Elon Exhaustion from listening to all his billionaire sci-fi fantasies. I need to focus on saving up to pay my rent this month.
by Rodney Simpson June 16, 2019
The point at which a student becomes incapable of studying any more and accepts their own failure at the specific subject
Maddie-Wowww. I just studied for like 6 hours last night and I stillll don't know what Newton's laws mean! I'm done with physics, I quit!

Anthony-Aw, I think your suffering from academic exhaustion!
by Machi25 December 12, 2009
sound that comes from a car's exhaust that is very pleasing to the ears.
my bmw m5 has the best exhaust note you've ever heard
by nate the kid August 7, 2018
The feeling of guilt for having so much when you know others have so little and it wears you out and causes anxiety.
I just bought a new Tesla and on the radio it was talking about underprivileged children. I felt bad about spending so much money on a car when children were starving it caused privilege exhaustion
by CoachzinBC September 25, 2021