To have sex with the assist of an electrical wheelchair or other mobile-assistance. Can be done with or without speaking in monotone.
Kid 1-"Dude I just walked in on my grandparents pulling a Steven Hawking."
Kid 2- "That's gross dude, are you sure it wasn't just the bed squeaking?"
Kid 1- "It was more of a buzzing..."
by ShadoWolf150 June 20, 2011
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When you have a cold and you "hawk" a lugie on your own cock for lubricant.
Thank God for flu season.


Last night this chick was do dry I had to Steven Hawking her.
by Jon Testing February 4, 2018
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Sexual act in which the male completes the deed to such satisfaction, the female is unable to walk or speak the following day.
Last night was so good, we totally did the Steven Hawking
by Starlord108 September 3, 2017
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When you stick a keyboard in the girls rectum whilst she is bent over a wheelchair deep throating a mouse.
by Faget33 March 24, 2016
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When you have such a powerful nut that you're whole body looses feeling and you look like Steven Hawking while making the loudest groan as if you soul has left your body.
Dude- Hey, are you ok? Your face is messed up.
Other Dude- Yeah, I just experienced a Steven Hawking Nut while me and my "mate" were messing around, and half of my face got permanently paralyzed.
Dude- Oh man, AWESOME!
by M0/\/ty December 4, 2017
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A person who eats soup and dribbles it all down their shirt and, despite this, outright refuses to use a straw.
Oh dear, Gary is in 'Steven Hawkings soup eater' mode again, dribbling tomato soup all down his tee shirt.
by Terence Dactyl July 5, 2014
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