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A guy who thinks he's fly. Also known as a scrub. He's always talking about what he wants but just sits on his broke ass.
A buster is a guy who can't get no love from me: hanging off the passenger's side of his best friend's ride while trying to hollar at me.
by Brianator37 July 23, 2011

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1. Conjunction for "I am going to".

2. "I am going to", minus 30 IQ points.

Synonyms: I will, I'm going to, I'ma, I'mma.
"Yo Taylor, I'm really happy for you, Imma let you finish, but Beyoncé had one of the best music videos of all time."
by Brianator37 December 20, 2014

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An urban dictionary reader searched the term "click bait." What happened next will shock you.
I'm never gonna click that link--there's no story there. It's click bait!
by Brianator37 June 24, 2016

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Translated from French, means "I am Charlie". It is a slogan adopted in protest to a murderous January 7, 2015, attack on the Paris-based publication of "Charlie Hebdo". The attack was perpetrated by Islamic extremist in retaliation for the publication's lampooning of Mohammad. Over 4 million marched to the slogan, effectively standing up for every person's God-given right to be an obnoxious asshole.
I'd rather live free among assholes than slave among gentlemen. Je suis Charlie!
by Brianator37 January 12, 2015

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A Paris-based publication reputed for lampooning political and religious figures, including Islam's Mohammad. On January 7, 2015, the publication's staff fell victim to a murderous assault by Islamic extremists. "Je suis Charlie" became the responsive slogan in support of every person's God-given right to be an asshole.
The staff at Charlie Hebdo called little people " people McNuggets." I never supported what they said, but I supported their right to say it.
by Brianator37 January 12, 2015

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Means the same as "grown", but "ass" is added to belittle the person or thing referenced. Usually used in reference to a "grown ass man". (Note: it is important to distinguish between a "grown ass man" and a "grown assman." The former is an adult male, whereas the latter is an adult male who likes asses.)

"Grown ass" is part of the "ass" family label of disrespect. Also included are "dumb ass" (see also: "stupid ass"), "lazy ass", "punk ass", "crazy ass", "cheap ass", and "broke ass".
"He should know better! He's a grown ass man!"
"So, you mean he's an adult."
"That's what I said--a grown ass man!"
by Brianator37 January 11, 2015

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A derogatory term for one who collects government assistance. So named because the U.S. Government, between the 1960s and 1990s, ran a popular public assistance program for welfare and food stamp recipients whereby recipients were given blocks of processed "government cheese".
What do you cheese eaters care about taxes; you don't even pay taxes!
by Brianator37 January 21, 2012

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