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When evolve is too simple minded of a word so people of a higher consciousness and those of a higher intellect use Evolute.
XXXTENTACION : You evolute in mind, you evolute as far as your age, you evolute physically .. mentally. If you are evoluting physically and you are not evoluting mentally, you are not doing the right thing.
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by Nico Santana January 17, 2018
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1. noun: forced evolution.
2. verb: to force evoution.
Skin Pockets. 'Nuff said. No more pants, bitches! Dude, I evoluted! Check out these skin pockets. They're so practical. These skin pockets. Thank God I evoluted.

*We can not reiterate enough, we are not talking about our butts.
by slydevilly March 22, 2012
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