the name of the an amazing person !! they are artistic and determined and great friends. they're patient and sensible regulators. they have open minds and hearts and really good senses of music
oda: do you know akiro-chan ? www
kuri: yes, they are an amazing person !!
by jinsengguk May 26, 2020
A Japanese masculine name. Meaning of Akiro is cheerful and good looking. Normally good with girls.
Akiro is a Japanese male name.
by 0503 September 12, 2017
pimp of irc channels, usually found on a certain irc channel. Also, a Pirate. Usually found pwning fellow channel member's mothers and enjoys kicking assholes with his leet halfops, currently owns many slaves(ub0r, g0ne, knox, icy, batcave). Also, a pwnage member of ICY, the best club ever. And an oldschool leetnesses and a mad pimp.
Akiros is the shit, i want to suck his dick off.
by akiros February 29, 2004
A pretty cool guy that lacks IQ
Akiro lacks in IQ
by ChocoAki November 29, 2022