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Ethan Smith is a gay kid that enjoys fucking little kids. He also keeps those little kids in the basement where no one will find them ever again. Ethan doesn't care about gender as long as your a good bender.
Damn dude that guy is totally an Ethan Smith. He took 10 kids with him last night. Those kids were never seen again.
by Ethan Smith The 3rd November 29, 2017
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a jerk that every girl wants but gets heart broken
Allie: whats his name?
Ashlynn: Ethan Smith
Allie: probably his mom named him that because he is a jerk.
by Ashlynn Schewe February 28, 2017
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A really nice, down to earth person and is actually really smart too. He is very insecure but thinks your amazing so compliment him also. He is really fun to hang out with and one of the most loyal

friends in the world. If he’s in your life you

are lucky.❤️❤️❤️

Girl 1- Ethan is so stupid, annoying, and ugly.

Girl 2- No he’s not why does everyone say

Girl- I got kissed by Ethan Smith
Other girl- NO WAY
by Lil Uzi vert fan June 03, 2018
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