The momentary musky smell of a man's own rectum on his partner's fingers after they have been removed from his anus and inserted into his own mouth.

Popularized in Chicago among the underground art scene, this revolutionary new sexual equalizer finally gives a retort to the traditional "ATM".
Tim: "Man, I think I finally met my soulmate"
Greg: "That lil brunette with tight body?"
Tim: "Don't forget....big hands!"
Greg: "That's odd..."
Tim: "Not when he gives you an Esteban!!!"
Greg: "DUDE!!! I'm so jealous!"
by Rank411 October 26, 2011
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Esteban, commonly mistaken as Apolo, watermelon sugar or Venus as a boy, is the coolest, sweetest and hottest person that has ever walked the earth. Great lover and stunning cuddler. Cutie with a bootie. Girls go wild and boys go gay in matter of seconds.
Wow your new friend is so Esteban! I can’t wait to go talk to him!

Yeah, that’s Esteban, pure ecstasy in a boy.
by Lucky Charm boy August 23, 2020
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Super hot and like a girl named Brooke Ellis fuessel and also everyone likes him because he is the most tryhard
Esteban: you are good but I am very
by Essssssssssteban April 07, 2019
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That Bitch is a player he goes around dating a bunch of girls but when he dates one he flirts with others He says he wants to be with you But he only has eyes for one girl.
Girl:Yeah me and Esteban are dating
Friend: Ok then why is he flirting with you enemie
by SelenaMarieIsis April 16, 2019
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Some weird mexican shrek loving man who loves to put bananas all over Ron jeremy and making fun of a retarded wizard He is known as the shrek its priest with friends of caillou, little bill and Black Ebola victims
Esteban loves to grope a blackxican with Ebola.
by TacoMaster777 October 09, 2014
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A skinny Mexican that adores thicc anime bitches. Esteban is kind-hearted and cares very much about his friends. His sexuality is questioned by many, but never will b e answered. His shoes are bigger than his future. Although he's goffy, he gets serious.
by esteban_is_gay_101 December 27, 2018
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