Ee Esteban he a chill as foo , he loves mobbin with the homies around watson.he is a professional joint roller .you can find that foo straight posted !
Oh shit that’s the homie Esteban
by 1watson4 October 15, 2019
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A super awesome, caring and funny guy, who makes a great best friend, and is super easy to fall in love with, but for some reason, has very bad taste in girls. He is extremly hot, and many girls have a crush on him. He is often short (but sexy), has strong faith in God, and loves his mother. Alot.
Me: "I love you Esteban"
Esteban:"Like a best friend?"
Me: "...Sure."
by EpicuteKat November 18, 2010
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A man, whom, even when deceased, can activate the deepest desires of a woman's (or man's) heart. He may be unrecognizable and hideous at first, but once his face is revealed, he becomes a sex symbol whose impact lasts for generations to come.
Woman: Please, can we give Esteban a proper funeral? I never knew him, but he's just too sexy to throw away.
Man: Shut up, he's nothing special.
Woman: But have you seen his face?
Man: That is the sexiest man I have ever seen in my life. Let us surround him with good luck charms and plant fields of flowers in his honor!
by silverobscurity September 11, 2019
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super hot guy with an amazing bod, loves longs walks on the beach. has a soft spot for sad movies and is often is found tearing up at the end. cutie with a booty. eats mac n cheese weird though
by coolchick6969 February 17, 2015
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A super-sexy hispanic alter ego that is present inside the whitest of white guys, and if released will grant that guy all the women he could want.
Jack: How did you score that chick?

Jim: I unleashed my Esteban
by Esteban Valasquez June 16, 2008
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Esteban is a cute and smart guy although you might not see it he has allot of expieriens and has an enormous dick he is strong but always trys to stay out of trouble he runs fast and learns to trust people

Once fallen inlove youl figure out how much u love him and you will never let go he has allot of respect and a good heart
Friend: my dog just died

Esteban:dont cry hes in a better place now
Friend: but i miss him so much

Esteban: i know how it feels.to lose some one but u gotta know he will always be in your heart and is some where undreamable

Esteban: do u understand
friend: yes thank you Esteban your a true friend
by levinator January 01, 2015
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