A girl who is really sweet and catches people's attention. A person who is very creative and a fashionista. Often a total smartass and quick to retort but knows when to stop. Totally gorgeous inside and out.
Guy-wow, she is so gorgeous but totally beat me in a comeback battle
Guy 2- sounds like an Esme
by Alleeeeeex May 13, 2015
Gods where do I even start... she is the god damn best being in the whole fucking world. She works hard to get things done and is very reliable she loves the environment and nature and wants to help people in as many ways possible she is a HUGE geek and loves books and video games she has a couple close friends that she loves a shit ton she is very creative and the most beautiful person you’ve ever seen she is so sexy and everyone wants her and she is very Chivalrous but if you cross her she could beat you up so bad you wouldn’t be able to stand up for a month if you piss her off she will roast you and she will roast you good

I love you so so much Esme <3
P1: who’s that astonishing person over there?
P2: That’s Esme, she is the best
by Poseidonskid October 10, 2018
Esme's are always really pretty in a warm, hypnotic way. They dress subtle and classy. They are usually self-contained, quietly confident and slow to trust, but when they do, they are so loyal for life. Esme's make the best friends. Cool and sweet, funky, funny, unconventional and usually of small stature, petite.
That girl is so cute and cool; I bet she's an Esme.
by lastrolo March 22, 2012
*Girl walks past.
Guy: Oh that girls such an esme! ;)
by hana! December 2, 2010
Always a stunning girl, can be very quiet but when she’s with some people she’ll be one hell of a loud girl. Into fashion and definitely a girly girl. If you meet an Esme, always keep her she’ll never let you down and will always be there for you. Very dirty minded and embarrassing but funny and silly.
Wowww she’s definitely an Esme
by Ay There April 25, 2019
Esme is ushally very pretty, sweet, and really popular. She has a unique attitude that is loved by everyone. She has a very cool and laided back outfits. When she talks on AIM or Myspace/Facebook
It sometimes looks like this:
" Omg! Hi I lovve what yerr wearing today =)
It was supper de duper cutte!"
( the double letters are intented)
But other wise she is ushally Envied by everyone. And she is crazy and fun and sweet.
by LetterBoxCrew March 29, 2009
A name for a very ladylike girl.

She always dresses nice; has a good sense for fashion.
She loves jewelry.
Build very petite, with a nice body and legs.
Usually not very tall, of medium height.
Loves the bush, like to go hunting.
Even though she is petite and ladylike she can do anything a man can do.
Very good mother.
Has strong familly values.
Normally an accountant or something in the financial bussiness.
Can be a scrooge when it comes to money.
Very loyal and hard worker.
you can trust your secrets are safe with her!
Hey, call Esme, she will fix that for you!

Watch out for our MD, Esme, she is moody today.

Esme was so kind to lend uss some money last year when we were out of work.
by Southafricanfrenchman February 5, 2010