4 definitions by DMolly

(1) Meaning shut up, be quiet, pipe down.
(2) your opinion is unimportant or wrong
"I think coronavirus is a hoax."
" Lid, stupid Trumpie."

I really need these yt folx to put a lid on it.
by DMolly November 01, 2020
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To stop, pause, hold up, quit.
"I used to mess with her but after she got clingy I had to eleven it.
by DMolly January 18, 2021
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Something extremely cool. Can also mean very smart and also refer to a person who could be described as a hustler or a self made moneymaker.
"He moves real esco and keeps people guessing, can't catch him slipping."

She's esco when it comes to moneymaking, there's no one better. She's a real boss."
by DMolly January 03, 2021
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