3 definitions by ESA SPOOKY

Esa means a Mexican homegirl.
Using esa is for females if u wanna call a homeboy its ese.
However not all homies use this.
Note that not all use this term.
Another term for esa would be homita which can also mean lil homegirl using it for a male it would be homito.
some other Centro Americans use these terms as well.
But are mainly used by Mexican homies.
Ahi esa that vato over there looks real firme.
by ESA SPOOKY February 28, 2008
Guera just means a lighter Mexican Female a lighter Mexican male would be guero.If some1 has lighter skin, hair, eyes etc.
However, gringa means some1 who is white non-hispanic, guera is just used for someone who is just lighter.
1st person:Ay is she a gringa?
2nd person:Na shes just a guera
1st person:ah shes just lighter, horale.
by ESA SPOOKY February 28, 2008
Orale means all right.However alota gente write it orale pero its still horale e.g like hola, its still wit tha h
pero u just dont pernounce the "h"..Horale can also mean o.k
1st person:ay you comin 2 my pad o que?
2nd person:simon homez..
1st person:horale.
by ESA SPOOKY February 28, 2008