A person you'd want to spend the rest of your life with, she's has a mystical aura, and a unique charisma, she'll make you feel warm and natural, more like supernatural, words are to simple to classify her, she's in a world of her own, and that's where I want to be, she's perfect(in my eyes) and anyone who hates her, is probably filled with rage and hate from the onstart, love is all I feel for her, the genuity of it..
I probably need to have AHI to survive..
by Manonasledge1808 June 29, 2020
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Is very nice guy and and soooo fun to hang with and he is very funny and sexy and is good at sports
That guys is an ahi
by Yeetus dellllletus August 21, 2019
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It is a Maori male name, which means fire.
Hi Ahi!
by ngotea taku titi November 20, 2021
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Ahi is the name of a girl who is very badass. She doesn’t give a fuck about anything anybody says, An Ahi has been through a lot in her life so she has learned to cope with anything and everything. People with this name usually love to do drugs or alcohol, and get addicted easily. This person is usually beautiful and would have a defined face, while having curvy features. These girls tend to be smart, but don’t put their brain to much use. They would rather smoke weed until 4 AM. She is also someone you would love to date. Kisses are always passionate and so are her cuddles. They are very good at keeping relationships. Girls like this are very wealthy. They appear very classy and have a sophisticated attitude. They don’t waste their time around uncultured people.
“Ahi is such a rebel!”
by cocky man June 24, 2019
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a word in hebrew slang, which means 'my brother'. it is used to refer to a friebd who is very close to us.(like BRO in english)
it also can be used to refer to a woman with a little change: ahoti.
he: are you coming to the cinema?
he1: sure ahi.

he: whats up ahoti?
she: i'm great' and you ahi?
he: fine as well.
by superman March 13, 2005
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ahi nama:
ahi-nama is cuban slang meaning "here it is/ this is it" - with the suggestion of having reached the best or ultimate, therefore you do not need to look anywhere else. Probably originally from spanish "aqui nada mas".

The phrase is heard in Cuban/salsa music, eg after some great words, music or dancing.

during a song... you can hear someone shout out... Ahi Nama!!!!
You know it is a hot tune. Sonorra Carruseles have a song that uses this phrase repeatedly.
by chiara305 July 19, 2006
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