3 definitions by ANervousGuyWithoutConfidence

Beany Bean is a very nice dog who has very large eyes and appears in pictures with shoulders in the background. The legendary Bean roams Utah in search of blankets to throw up on at the best of times. Beany Bean’s special ability is annoying someone that I know and who should get more sleep because she stays up until five in the morning but who knows who’s fault that is it is totally not mine.
Beany Bean has the potential to be a murderer but we have no evidence yet.
Probably the best person that I know and could always look forward to seeing. Also has something with the letter “r” and sometimes she can have a problem but it is fine. Oh and says “mhmm” a lot so if you ask a normal question not anything like weird that is the response or the word nope. Btw if anyone was wondering who reads knows me just say “ Daniel had a goat” and you can have a free song sung by yours truly(Offer ends on 8/12/19).
Esa has eyebrows. Oh and Beany Bean is a dragon.
Pathta with no thauthe is the way to say pasta with no sauce if you have a lithp mainly if you are MarinaraSun674 so avoid having a lithp.
MarinaraSun674’s favorite food is not pathta With no thauthe