A very evil game usually played up to 8 people to cause pain
All the kids played Brawlhalla and cried
by UnicornGrinder October 13, 2018
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Brawlhalla, a game where you choose a legend and you fight to the death and the winner does an annoying dance to finish it
by I suck. December 20, 2019
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A game that will rape your head to the point where you wanna rip your balls off and just eat it so you can numb all the pain. So many fucking sig spammers.
Brawlhalla is dog water
by kycosmetics January 10, 2021
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The reason why your computer monitor is broken.
I opened up Brawlhalla thinking it was a fun game, then I played rank and made some progress only to be washed up by a spammer who doesn’t even know how to dodge and taunted me every time, making me throw the controller into the monitor.
by GunnyMan4 July 15, 2020
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A bitch ass game that defies life itself, whatever you do, do not download that shit, it gave me AIDS and a massive epilepsy like Tyler1!!
John: Hey,do you know a game call Brawlhalla
James: Yea, that gay game, it give me AIDS
John: Okay? Well you can have fun dying man
James: Bruh, you gonna wish my death that?
John: Yea, cuz you suck you sig spamming cunt
James: *leaves* Bitch
by MysticWolf2 January 10, 2020
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The most rigged game on this planet.
Guy 1: Want to play Brawlhalla?
Guy 2. NO.
by saucesuki February 18, 2021
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A game of absolute sweats with no mercy not only will you first not have any characters but they give you the absolute worse weekly characters. There some ogre xull that you swear should be the best character in the game but he's not its just some bum who has an axe. Now to get into axe bout the worst weapon in the game it easily has they gayest attack in the game. Overall if you love ranked games then youll hate this because everyone at the higher elo is a passive whale Example the number one player. Might aswell invest your time and soul into smash ultimate which is just as bad.
by That one Diana main January 30, 2019
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