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A sarcastic tone used to belittle one's reputation, usually directed at the egotistical, immature or overdramatized type of person. This word is best used in the spur of the moment type scenario when encountering such a person mentioned above.
Scenario 1:
When talking to a person bragging about their achievements in life...
"Erh, look at you." (Meaning not one singular life form on this earth cares about your success, nor existence for that matter)

Scenario 2:
Someone acting like a low class citizen by swearing or picking a fight with someone, when the issue can clearly be resolved in a more civilized manner...
"Erh, take a look at yourself." (Meaning they're making such a fool out of themself, that it would be detrimental to associate yourself with the person any longer.)

Scenario 3:
Witnessing someone acting overconfident to impress a certain group of people...
"Erh." (Meaning they just deserve a good, old-fashioned erh.)
by Swade DC November 24, 2013
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A high school with zero respect for teachers and authorities. The students are all basically helpless pieces of trash.
Eww, She attends ERHS?
by Pookingturd69 April 23, 2018
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