1) slang for the word 'episode'

2) a girl's name, can be short for Hepzibah
people with this name are usually very random and hyper,
but are also gifted with great artistic talent.
they make great friends as they are very loyal.
1) hey have you seen the Friends eppie with all the cheesecakes in it?

2) Eppies so hyper, but i love her :)
by little miss random August 19, 2009
To get very upset indeed and usually freak out at someone. A violent outburst.

Derogative term derived from "epileptic fit".
"When he saw them together he had a fuckin eppy"
by Twizla February 3, 2005
A person who is extremly, almost unnaturald skilled at Nintendo, is an "eppi".

Typical for an "eppi" is to hate violent videogames, and to hate all other game consoles except from Nintendo consoles.
Ohmygod, he had extremly "eppi" skills!

He was an "eppi".

He showed signs of "eppi" skills.

You are an "eppi"
by Ulrik Dybvig January 21, 2007
A nickname for the manager of Beatles; Brian Epstein.
Eppy was such a wonderful person, and was one of the most successful music managers of all time.
by Hazzberry April 20, 2020
Short for "episode" in the sense of an argument or a huge row.
Usually preceded by "Don't have an..." it's a slang comment referring to a situation that is about to descend out of all control.
"Oh Niki it was awful, me and James had this massive eppy in the middle of Tesco's the other day"

"Jayne please don't have an eppy, not here and not now. Please"
by Rankles February 19, 2009
It is a slang term for "episode". Used when talking about a TV show.
A: How many eppies of Avatar: The Last Airbender are there?
B: There are currently 20 eppies that have been released on television.
by Nola Bell December 7, 2006