To get very upset indeed and usually freak out at someone. A violent outburst.

Derogative term derived from "epileptic fit".
"When he saw them together he had a fuckin eppy"
by Twizla February 3, 2005
short for episode, specifically a episode of a television show
Do you want to come over and watch the new eppy of American Idol?

Shit! I can't believe I missed the premiere eppy of All That!
by frontburners April 19, 2005
1. (noun) an organism from the kingdom animalia that portrays very strange but enjoyable and rather "cool" traits

2. (noun) an act considered to be "cute" by females, done by one who isn't usually considered so i.e. pulling an eppy
1. Wow, that spider monkey sure is acting like quite an eppy. I hope it doesn't fall out of that tree.

2. Man, if I could pull an eppy, the ladies would be all over me!
by The Original Eppy June 21, 2006
1) slang for the word 'episode'

2) a girl's name, can be short for Hepzibah
people with this name are usually very random and hyper,
but are also gifted with great artistic talent.
they make great friends as they are very loyal.
1) hey have you seen the Friends eppie with all the cheesecakes in it?

2) Eppies so hyper, but i love her :)
by little miss random August 19, 2009
A person who is extremly, almost unnaturald skilled at Nintendo, is an "eppi".

Typical for an "eppi" is to hate violent videogames, and to hate all other game consoles except from Nintendo consoles.
Ohmygod, he had extremly "eppi" skills!

He was an "eppi".

He showed signs of "eppi" skills.

You are an "eppi"
by Ulrik Dybvig January 21, 2007
A nickname for the manager of Beatles; Brian Epstein.
Eppy was such a wonderful person, and was one of the most successful music managers of all time.
by Hazzberry April 20, 2020