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To get very upset indeed and usually freak out at someone. A violent outburst.

Derogative term derived from "epileptic fit".
"When he saw them together he had a fuckin eppy"
by Twizla February 3, 2005
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A three wheeled vehicle distributed to the handicapped by the British Government in the 1970s (some kind of conspiracy to eradicate them perhaps). They all came in the same ugly light-blue colour.
"Urgh...look at John's cardigan, it's spaz-car blue!"
by Twizla January 26, 2005
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A bit like a "forward roll" but especially adapted for swampy areas, it was invented by Mr.Deevun Parp from the village of Cackpile in Swampshire. Since the technique afforded the traveller a clean arse at the end of his journey, the term has more recently been adopted to refer to toilet-tissue
"Give us a bogroll Deevun"
by Twizla January 26, 2005
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Due to "Care in the Community", this is the new pronunciation for anyone formally known as Stephen who consistently comes out with no-brainer ideas/comments.
Come on Deevun, take the beacon off your head now mate!
by Twizla January 26, 2005
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A brainy milf

Origin; Countdown, Ch4, 3.15pm
Hosted by; a right twat
Improved by a sexy boffin by the name of Carol
"That teachers a right horny vorderman."
by Twizla February 2, 2005
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Can be either the best thing you ever heard or the worst.
Your wasted, its late; "Wanna lift mate?" = GOOD
Your six, at the park; "Wanna lift mate?" = BAD
by Twizla January 26, 2005
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One who partakes in the consumption of herbal consumerables having wrapped said vegetation in a specific manufacturers primary product.
"Rizla-twizla, brain-cell sizzler"
by Twizla January 26, 2005
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