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The study of knowledge. It is the study of how you know what you know and how you came to know.
I learned about epistemology from a course on adult development.
by Doctor of Philosophy July 19, 2009
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A true subject-object fallacy.

A structure of verification.

A metastructure in which even when one is wrong one is right.
Kant created a structure of truth (epistemology) out of aesthetic itself. This had wide-ranging ramifications for aesthetic, will, and ethics. This occurred even though Kant used the term "aesthetic" to refer to form which was technically incorrect (aesthetic is contrapositive to form).

Marx also created an epistemology but his epistemology cannot answer Kant's epistemology because Marx created a structure of truth from form (formalism).
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by kashifv November 13, 2018
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Structure of verification.

Also: the study of a structure of verification.

The blockchain is an example of an epistemology.

Epistemology can also be the study of blockchain and structures of verification related to it.
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by kvikaas August 30, 2018
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