Enzo is a smart, cute guy who is obvious when flirting but is too shy to do it. Enzo's are usually shy and not talkative, so if you want him, you've got to start the conversation! Enzo will ALWAYS be there for you. He is funny, but a little awkward. Sometimes he doesn't know what to say to you, so he just stays silent and lets you cry on his shoulder. Enzo can take a joke, and he gets teased a lot but can take it because he's tough. Enzo's are quite emotional. He can talk for hours on end, and is sweet and well-liked.
"Wow! Enzo is so hot!"

"I heard you're Enzo's girlfriend! I'm so jealous!"
by cutecurtainbangs:) April 9, 2022
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The ruler of the house. He/she likes to be in charge of the home and/or everything.
Enzo off the sofa!
by 19364 October 8, 2020
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The most handsome, coolest, nice, kind person you'll ever meet. Great in bed. The best brother, friend, cousin or boyfriend you'll ever have.
My boyfriend is such an Enzo!!!!!
by TheAwesomeBoiiii September 5, 2018
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One of the fastest cars. Made by Ferrari. Approx $700,000. Top speed: 217 MPH. Not too many in the U.S. Totally awesom car.
"Holly shit that Enzo is fast!"
by Matt August 5, 2004
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People with the name Enzo, or any name really, cannot be defined by just the Urban Dictionary. They can only defined if they want themselves to be defined. They can only be so much of what people think they are, only to break that point of view the next day. Don’t judge a book by its cover.
Stop stereotyping people based on their name. Not Enzo, not any name should you judge.
by Anonymity at its finest April 13, 2019
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Enzo is something you wouldn’t think. Enzo is bery smart and nice till you meet him. He is dirty minded but will push that aside for a friend.enzo is in love with memes and loves the office. Enzo has a very unusual sense of humor but you will find yourself laughing.Enzo is weird,but so are his friends (me). Enzo is the exact opposite of athletic but he is nice, funny, and is Enzo.
Rude guy: did you here what Enzo did?

Enzo’s friend: what
Rude guy: he said “. “
5 minutes later
Enzo’s friend: ok and it’s a meme and from the office that’s a total Enzo thing
by Kindf November 26, 2018
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an Enzo is typically a nice kid in your class very quiet loves anime. An Enzo may not look strong but he will bash the living crap out of you. An Enzo is also Asian and loves to meme, he is also smart unlike most Asians he is good in ENGLISH not MATH
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