Enzo is a p...p...p...p...p...pussyyyyyyyyyy.
Jared : HAHAHA I win the penis game cause your an ENZO
by Hudson Small Eyes April 11, 2019
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The most disrespectful, most manipulative person you will EVER meet. He will destroy your reputation, and make your friends turn against you, avoid this person at ALL costs. Dont EVER trust this person. May you rot in hell. Enzo.
Kid 1) " There's Enzo ,the most rude guy in school. (also known as chicken little dick) you bitch.
Kid 2) " Yeah I know he destroyed my friendships
by Pretty boi#1 February 5, 2018
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A terrible haircut. This derives from the show Seinfeld. The episode is named The Barber.
Jerry is sitting down on the couch with a really bad haircut. He is holding a mirror. Jerry and George are looking in disbelief at the haircut.

George: He massacred you. You look like you're five years old.

Kramer enters. He flinches when he sees the haircut.

Kramer: No way my Gino did that. It's an Enzo.
by BricklayerTCK June 22, 2010
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Fat faggot that obsesses over girls he'll never get and rapes his own dog, he is very inbred and will threaten to fuck your mum if you are strong than him if you aren't stronger than him he will bend you over and one pump you up the urethra like the faggot he his. If you give him steroids they will not make his dick smaller as it has already reached minus centimetres (-0.08 inches). If he approches you than run or else he will roll towards you like a boulder with his concave of a dick. The only thing he has to offer is survival milk from his tits incase he floats you to a desert island
"holy shit that's a fat faggot that raped my mum with his concave of a dick, Oh sorry it's just enzo"
by iwillfuccurmomforv-bucks May 29, 2019
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Enzo is the best if you find one! He probably has brown hair and is very good looking. He is probably Italian too coming from his name. He gets the girls when he wants them and loves to say curse words and also loves his hair!
Be careful with Enzos though, they can be very cool. He is also the funniest person you’ll meet. He also has a big cock
Girl 1:Look! Is that an Enzo
Girl 2:OMG it is!
Girl 1:I’m gonna go get his big cock
Girl 2:Bet! I’ll go for a threesome
by Zebooo1 June 24, 2019
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Enzo is something you wouldn’t think. Enzo is very smart and nice till you meet him. He is kinda dirty minded but will push that aside for a friend. Enzo is in love with memes and loves the office. Enzo has a very unusual sense of humor but you will find yourself laughing.Enzo is weird,but so are his friends (me). Enzo is the exact opposite of athletic but he is nice, funny, and is Enzo.
He gets all the cuuchie he can get his hands on, has a 1ft dick and is good in bed, and he likes Mac and Cheese.
Rude guy: did you hear what Enzo did?

Enzo’s friend: what
Rude guy: he said “. “
5 minutes later
Enzo’s friend: ok and it’s a meme and from the office that’s a total Enzo thing
by TheCoochieGoodAF October 29, 2019
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The most Fuc*ing annoying and disrespectful baby in the world. He's a wus and thinks he can get every girl he wants and mistreats them. **THOT alert. He moves way to fast in a relationship. Like I mean WAY TO FAST.

by 😂 😂 😂 February 27, 2019
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