A crazy fucker that will fuck you unconscious and a good leader and he is a master at all his crafts
Oh my god my son is such a Enzo I want him to fuck me
by Ensoo boiii November 3, 2019
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someone who flirts with girls a lot , but is also gay at the same time.
Will you please stop being an Enzo.
by Incaka February 17, 2015
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He’s your typical Italian guy. He’s funny and great to be around. He prefers to play poker with the boys on Thursdays rather than spending time with his wife. He’s also a great principal and a man of knowledge. And of course he gets all the ladies.
Danny: damn Enz how do you know that?
Enzo: I am a man of knowledge.
by PRCHOKE June 15, 2019
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It is derived from numerous threads started about various Ferrari Enzo crashes that occurred. For some reason us RL OT'ers were particularly drawn to news articles about celebrities crashing Enzos so we posted a lot of them - and many were re-posts.

In general, "Enzo" is meant to be a humorous way of saying "repost, you f'ing idiot" when someone starts a thread when there already is one on the subject. Dr. Jupeman, Rennlist
This thread is an Enzo.
Enzo noob!
by 153BigBlock October 24, 2009
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A sexy hot Italian stud who eats Pussy and gets BJ’s all day, and he has a huge Italian COCK.
That kid Enzo has a nice Dick
by Italiano Power July 3, 2018
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