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American Native name Meaning Home of the evil spirit( Probably because the volcano Mt Rainier erupted off and on while the native americans lived in the area). Enumclaw is located 40 miles S.E. of Seattle Washington in the foot hills of the Cascade mountan range. Famous people that have visited Enumclaw. Elvis filmed a movie for the 1962 worlds fair that was in Seattle. Part of the movie was filmed in Enumclaw country side. The filmed showed him in the back of an old pickup playing a guitar driving
underneath a railroad trestle locted outside of the town of Enumclaw.
Just like Mt Saint Helens erupted in 1980.
Mt Saint Helens is located about 70 miles south of Mt Rainier.
by Daniel Hale April 04, 2005
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(E-num-claw) The home of the only known case of a person being killed by fucking a horse and everyone in Eumclaw are all horse fuckers
"WOW you must come from Enumclaw!"
by D. A. M. May 23, 2007
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