Friend: Did you see that Mr. Hands video, it's a guy fucking a horse!
You: Yep, and it's still a better love story than Twilight
by gabep637 September 19, 2012
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A man in Washington who had a friend video him having anal sex with a horse. He suffered a perferated colon and later died.
Dude 1: Eww have you seen that Mr. Hands video?
Dude 2: Yeah that was damn nasty!
Dude 1: It kinda turned me on.
Dude 2: You are some sick fuck!
by FFluver February 22, 2008
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A man who got fucked up the ass by a horse, literally, and died.

Now their making a documentry about it.
1:"Did you hear their making a documentry about Mr. Hands?"
2:"Eww. The guy who got fucked up the ass by a horse?"
1:"Yeah we should go see it."
by TheRevolution19 January 26, 2007
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A man that died shortly after taking the entire penis of a horse. The movie is available online by googleing MrHands.mpeg
"Oh man, did you see that video Mr Hands?"
"Yes, I can't believe that guy took all that that"
by SoftAndElegant April 11, 2008
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err what? a guy that got analled by a horse and died...duuude thats just some fucked up shit right there....he fucked an animal!! WTF
its people like mr. hands which is why aids exists
by vikrattlehead November 4, 2007
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alr let me explain the story of Mr hands or aka 2 guys 1 horse
a man was in a car crash he got somthing idk he then join a zoophile club that target horse mainly anyways it was 3 guys

Kenneth Pinyan
jame micheal
and someone we dont know
anyways those 3 men went into a barn and record it they brought a big horse they named him Big dick (the horse was having a huge boner btw) anyways the unknown man was the recorder kenneth was the bender over guy micheal just brought to horse to him (by the penis i might add) and the horse did it with kenneth the horse just bangs him only like 3 times kenneth was holding the pain or grunting the pain anyways as soon as the horse stop the video end but the story doesnt end here kenneth didnt feel too well but he didnt want to go to the doctor cause embressment (cause fucker horse) anyways kenneth couldnt handle it he went to the doctor and died because of perforated colon next micheal went on trial for tasspasing cause fucking a animal wasnt "illegal" back in washitong so he only got a trasspaing the other guy he didnt anything since we have no fucking idea who he is anyways after micheal left he was later arrested ( a few after ) for the same thing the funniest part he only got probation and some random years in jail but yeah we dont know who posted the video in internet we dont know who the unknown man is but now you cant really find the video anymore
wanna watch Mr hands i heard it a very goo-

by YAY_fucktheinternet February 16, 2022
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When you violently get fucked/fuck a horse
Person 1: I just had a Mr Hands Moment at the ranch
Person 2: What in the cinnamon toast fuck is wrong with you?
by Ihavemanymrhandsmoments June 6, 2022
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