Friend: Did you see that Mr. Hands video, it's a guy fucking a horse!
You: Yep, and it's still a better love story than Twilight
by gabep637 September 19, 2012
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A man in Washington who had a friend video him having anal sex with a horse. He suffered a perferated colon and later died.
Dude 1: Eww have you seen that Mr. Hands video?
Dude 2: Yeah that was damn nasty!
Dude 1: It kinda turned me on.
Dude 2: You are some sick fuck!
by FFluver February 22, 2008
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A man who got fucked up the ass by a horse, literally, and died.

Now their making a documentry about it.
1:"Did you hear their making a documentry about Mr. Hands?"
2:"Eww. The guy who got fucked up the ass by a horse?"
1:"Yeah we should go see it."
by TheRevolution19 January 26, 2007
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A man that died shortly after taking the entire penis of a horse. The movie is available online by googleing MrHands.mpeg
"Oh man, did you see that video Mr Hands?"
"Yes, I can't believe that guy took all that that"
by SoftAndElegant April 11, 2008
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err what? a guy that got analled by a horse and died...duuude thats just some fucked up shit right there....he fucked an animal!! WTF
its people like mr. hands which is why aids exists
by vikrattlehead November 4, 2007
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A man who forgot to take in a bath towel with him and is forced to wear a hand towel around his waist. He is subject to lots of fangirling.

An example of this, would be Song Seung Hun from a scene in the drama My Princess.
Two Ahjummas (middle aged ladies) are watching a drama.

Ahjumma 1: Omo omo. A shower scene. Pan lower! Pan lower!

Ahjumma 2: He has such beautiful choco abs.

Ahjumma 1: Look! He's only walking out with a hand towel around his waist. >:D

Ahjumma 2: It's so short, it looks like it can fall off at any moment. Ohohohohoh.

Ahjumma 1: I dub him Mr. Hand Towel.

Ahjumma 2: What is the main lead doing fainting? I would pounce on that!
by NoonaOfDarkness September 26, 2011
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"Who's this guy? Mr. Balloons...Mr. Balloon Hands. No way"
by FlyntLarry April 6, 2010
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