Different than intense, entense means that the very entity of the person you're with makes you feel energized. Sometimes too energized. Totally crazy!!!
"Can you believe that whenever I'm around Chris, I feel so entense! It's like this surge of lightning all the time!"
by pseudonympsychologist October 16, 2009
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a forum in which several hundred homosexual male teenagers conjoin to converse about various topics including male orgies, goatses, and the stretch capabilities of the anal region.
Hey, check out those homos in the parking lot! I bet they frequent the Entensity forums.
by anonymous April 07, 2005
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formally know as, www.entensity.net

They like to steal the new found images and movies from other sites such ass www.b0g.com, www.ebaumsworld.com, www.exbyte.net, and www.collegehumor.com

But, it's a very nice site.
www.entensity.com is a joke.
by entensity May 02, 2005
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