Erect to the point of your penis feeling like it’s going to explode. It’s a sign of youthfulness.
Robert: I saw her ass and I swear I felt precum come out of my engorged penis.
Arthur: Wonderful. I hope you don’t bust a fat nut the next time you see a nice butt.
Robert: My dick does what it wants to do.
by True_Lust July 22, 2019
Someone so hot that you get instantly aroused.
Wow, check her out! She is engorgeous!
by Steve Jones May 29, 2005
An extremely rigid and turgid penis that has been stimulated in a penis pump for 20-30 minutes.
I pumped for 20 minutes before the old lady got home from work so I could rail her from behind with an engorger.

I was still sporting an engorger for about another hour.

My engorger was a deep shade of purple and the head had the appearance of a purple potato.
by Dick Onchin September 20, 2020
Something so gorgeous, it causes the body to react in a happy, generally swollen, manner.
"Did you see that engorgeous model...?"
by kero frangipani pants February 7, 2009
For one to take in large amounts of whatever if being Put or taken by mouth in a short period of time.

For one person...this will always mean a term in which refers to shoving large amounts of penis in the mouth.
Pierce Crothers(With Eleven Man, these breadsticks are so delicious..I love Engorging myself in them.
Mike W: Man these Dicks are everlasting...Everyday I engorge myself in them..whether it be a strangers or my dads.
Pierce: *throws up*
by Flight Seargeant Tiang December 5, 2006
Expanding veins that causes swelling to the brain, in a result of the human brain exploding inside or bursting out of the human skull. Also an underground death metal band based in California
The Shatter Skull was caused by Cerebral Engorgement
by Heavyguns666 May 6, 2010
A gay feeder. A man who has a fetish for turning thin men into fat men. To engore a man
By day Rupert was a potato farmer but by night there was nothing Rupert preferred more than to engorge his underweight sexual partner.
by Lee April 16, 2005