The word Americans, British, Canadians, and Australians use to refer to all languages.
American baby girl: Ga!
American man: English! What is wrong with you?

American woman: I don't speak Mexican English.

Canadian: She said something to me in a weird English called "Mandarin" so I wouldn't understand what she was saying.
by Trisha1 February 21, 2017
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A group of people or the much maltreated (by its original speakers) language. The former are racists who allow tabloids and rampant racism to rule their lives and government (look at Phillip). The latter is simultaneously one of the most and least expressive of the gamut of poetic languages of the world. The idea of the concept word is foreign (why are they stealing our jobs and seeking asylum?!) to most English speakers but it has managed to become one of the major business languages of the world.
The English, by and large, don't know how to speak English. They make shit up and call it a language but it's really only a lingua franca.
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The highest scoring NBA player from the 1980's who played for the Denver Nuggets. His shots reportedly had so much spin that they would be redirected towards the basket after bouncing off the front rim.

The term can be used to describe a shot in any sporting event that involves putting spin on a ball.
Man you should put more 'english' on the cue ball.
by acruz August 05, 2010
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-superior to Norwegian people, especially those from Aalesund.
- the more superior kind of English person is those that are short and have curly ginger hair. They are awesome
That short English girl with the ginger curly hair is insanely cooler and superior to the Norwegian guy." "He must be from Aalesund
by Willy-Johnson October 03, 2010
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it is the language that is said all over the world, from all countries that are or were in the british empire. it is an ugrade and and more sencable verision of welsh, whish was the language that was spoken in england many moons ago' then someone desided to change it to make it more appropriate.
English: " hello my name is paul and i enjoy rimming and drinking orange juice."

Welsh: " hallo fi noj oi paul enf i enfip rimmoj enf gihnkif orago juid."
by mike2ky October 18, 2006
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1. A bunch of wimps who tried to conquer Scotland multiple times but failed each time; the only reason "Great Britain" exists is because of a SCOTTISH king who took the throne of England and ended up betraying his own kin.

2. Germanic peoples that deny their heritage because of a hatred of Germany.
1. Battle of Bannockburn, Scottish Wars of Independence,
Scottish Soldier #1: "Sir, the English are advancing! They've got us outnumbered seven to one!"

Scottish Soldier #2: "Perfect, they didn't bring enough to win this fight!"
2. WW1, WW2
by Broke@USEast March 08, 2011
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1. A race of people despised by more than half the world. They are inferior to all the countries they tried to colonise, such as Ireland, America, India, Africa and more. They do not excel at anything, especially war.
2. A language forced on many countries which is now being maimed and transformed. Maybe that will teach the pricks not to force it on other cultures.
"Where you from?"
"Sickend, Im really sorry to hear that"
"I know"

English - Pricks
by Towellie May 28, 2008
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