Where humor goes to die. A website where comedy meets false ignorance, combining to make the single most thought-provoking and insulting use of internet space.
We did it for the lulz. - Encyclopedia Dramatica
by they7692 August 27, 2008
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The cesspool of the internet inhabited by the most unruly crowd of unfunny, uneducated, undisciplined and criminal assholes to ever use the web.

They are fans of taking innocent things such as Sonic the Hedgehog and posting the most distasteful, untrue, unfunny and frankly disgraceful shit they could pull out of their assholes about them.

Go to Uncyclopedia if you want a good laugh. They have the intelligence and skill to be funny without needing a ton of shock images (and while we're at it, funny whatsoever). Also they aren't a community of no-lifers that you see on encyclopedia dramatica.
Friend - Hey, go to Encyclopedia Dramatica and search "Sonic the Hedgehog"

Me - Thanks for filling my mind with the most inappropriate images of my favourite characters since I was a child.
by spsman69 April 15, 2011
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Wikipedia's Evil Twin. It is racist, homophobic, and many articles contain examples of Rule 34 of that franchise.

Just don't go on there.
I'll just search Sonic the Hedgehog in Encyclopedia Dramatica, just for kicks.

by King of Jellybeans April 21, 2008
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Trolling's true face. Most people that read thier articles instantly become disgusted and submit a negative definition on urbandictionary.com
Typical Encyclopedia dramatica page: blah blah blah negroes blah jews did wtc blah blah epic fail blah blah for teh lulz blah...
by Morovzny July 28, 2008
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A collection of clique child abuse victims with sexuaity issues who bully members by using a stupid pain tag on their talk page to push new members off their site, calling everyone a fag or butthurt when confornted. most likely bullied themselfs at school and wont admit it.. editors that are drunk on power and hyprocrites over a pissant little website that is not even funny or layed out well.

rip on others "poor spelling" when they come out with things like lulz and moar
from "Encyclopedia Dramatica!
Member: you mean the sneaky remark edit.. still changing it, you must have a real sad and non existence in the real world.. tell me was you bullied a lot at school and have to compensate by being the "hard man" online?

Power hungry virgin editor: Cry some more

Member: im being serious. i met people like you.. normally bullied abused or come from a broken home they hide themselves away on the internet playing the hard man. when deep down they are very emotionally fucked up kinda like the guy i did the article about. so i get kicked of here, so what? im still going to live another day doing my job. thats what you are just a small boy trying to puff up his feathers hiding whatever abuse or trauma you have. you keep on calling me a faggot but why is that? as i said in my edit im actually comfertable with my sexuality whatever orientation that it may be. so whatever issue you might have i take pitty on you and i will know you will reply with some childish crap to pretend your a big man on some website that had admin issues 18mths ago

Virgin Editor: Watch out guys, this guy clearly has a masters in psychology. Can't spell pity, comfortable, off, or you're but has access to the deepest recesses of the mind. Truly a dangerous internet individual.Oh my gosh,

II bow to their psychological insight... GET OUT OF MY HEAD!!11
by bored user of internet August 13, 2012
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A website for people who are hopelessly bored because they can only find entertainment in a) feces, b) corpses, or c) Nazism.

Thus, most articles on ED combine all of these elements. To deflect public suspicion, ED users pretend their sexual obsession with feces and corpses is just humor: "I did it for the lulz."

These individuals, embarrassed by their condition, often prefer to remain anonymous.
Oh, I see, you're into scat porn. Maybe you should head on over to Encyclopedia Dramatica, you'll make some friends there.
by no_tattoos January 27, 2009
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