A parody is a piece of writing or music that deliberately copies another work in a comic or satirical way.
Buddy - Hey did you check out that one song: "I kissed a squirrel"?

Jim - If it's the parody from "I kissed a Girl" then yes I have.
by iRaKitteh January 30, 2009
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1. The use of another song to perform it in a funny or serious way.

2. Using another social media account to roleplay as them on their own personal account.
Did you see that parody of Ke$has Tick Tock?
Yea dude it’s so funny.

I roleplay as this girl on my parody account
by elizadooddd October 15, 2018
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A parody that uses an already existing parody of a certain subject.
Paroding "Metal Gear Awesome" (maybe using the audio) with any anime or machinima footages for a Parody Parody. (That's if they ask permission first so it doesn't get remove from YouTube for Copyright Infringement and/or your account suspended or removed/deleted).

Making a Parody Parody by using whatever animated clips you have with the audio from "Red vs. Blue" (even purchasing the DVD(s) containing the episodes).
by GanicoGSx August 7, 2009
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Being skilled in making up parodies.
Bill: Did you see how quickly Wayne Brady came up with that song?

Jim: Yes, he's an extremely parodious fellow.
by MeanMuggah11 October 6, 2010
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Some type of music that makes fun of somebody or something
That parody put the president in his place!!
by yourr mama July 31, 2006
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to define parodi is to define a type of wart often found one the end of your finger, this is from using your fingers in and around anuses
Wow that's a big parodi on her finger she must have had a busy weekend
by hello 50 July 25, 2008
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A parody made to mock & or make fun of a stupid definition from this site.
Fag: A homosexual

*UD parody*

Fag: A homophobe
by North Park November 2, 2009
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