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Stands for Battleframe Robotics, or Big Fucking robots from the Online game planetside. They used to pwn back around 2004 - 2005 until the community got the developer's attention to nerf it until it sucks.

It is a Bipedal Armored vehicle also known as a mech, however as of now since it was nerfed it doesn't really define a mech.

It has two variants, (Used to be 3) which the two are gunner variant, and flight variant for all three empires, The Flyer variant describes itself, it is a mech with flight capabilities but since it was nerfed it becomes a flying bullet magnet thanks to the bitchy planetside community complaining about the mech being too leet

To obtain the privalige to drive a BFR, you have to go into the caverns and score 75 unique kills and be accounted for 5 cavern facility captures. Many BFR owners complain that all the effort into getting the BFR is actually a waste of effort and time to get something that is shitty in combat.

Needless to say, if people want to drive and fight in real mechs they should play mechwarrior or something that has mechs in it. (The BFR's in planetside are an insult to the Mechwarrior Community.)

However with lame performance comes great appearance which actually does not surpass it's actual effectivness in general combat.
SoloSoftienoob: OMGZ!!1one a BFR!1 LAWL im gunna gets out my shotgun and go underneath the BFR and shoot it to death.

BFRpilot: Wtf?

Solosoftienoob: HAhah Pwnted! MY Shautgun is 1337!

BFRpilot: Goddamn a solo just went underneath my BFR and used his shotgun to blow it up, how the fuck does a gun that shoots out small beads penetrate my large ass war machine?! OMG!

Other Teammate: Stop bitching and drop it as a cert.
by Anti-bser-missile June 9, 2008
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Lifetime is a Channel on TV that runs movies and shows involving men being hateful rapists. This is potrayed most likely due to the Owner of lifetime is a Man hater lesbian. Many people Men and woman alike have Criticised Lifetime for being overboard, but that did not stop lifetime for airing some very irrational shows about Woman beaters. Every show features a man that owns a gun, and for some reason thats a bad thing so the woman freaks out and calls the police.

There are many shows on that channel that include rapists, rebellious teenagers who murder people, men who always cheat on their wives, and woman who get locked up in a closet because for some reason this very evil guy is gonna go kill a grandma for stealing some precious books from him.
Lifetime show:

Paranoid Lesbian: Oh my god! did you see that guy who was mad because his favorite baseball team lost the world series!?

Frightened Lady: Yes, oh my god! He might have a gun! He is going to come and rape us! He will take a baseball game on us because a Man is angry!

Paranoid Lesbian: We are going to die!

(The angry man goes home to cook dinner for his wife, but the two ladies think hes going back home to defile the house, and shoot his kids.)
by Anti-bser-missile December 17, 2007
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When a person, usually shy or insecure; sees another person who they think is incredibly attractive, and then can't think straight as a result of seeing the attractive person. After which, the person thinks to him/herself and becomes in disbelief and low self-esteem that they can't ask that person out because they aren't "worthy" to ask out someone so appealing.

This is golden heart syndrome, the act of throwing one self away from potential romance in belief that "they deserve better". Golden heart syndrome also has other side effects, such as refusing to ask someone out because the person they are going to ask might already be spoken for, thus it would be intrusive on that person's relationship.
*Shy dude with Golden Heart Syndrome walks into store and notices one of the ladies there was extremely beautiful that he previously seen there before. *

Beautiful lady: "Hey, welcome to PC shop, what can I help you with?"

Shy dude: "Umm uhhh right, I was uh.. Looking for a... Actually, I think I need to go..."

*Shy dude rushes out the door, sweating and nervous to get fresh air.*

Shy dude: "I don't deserve her. She needs someone better than me."

Pedestrian: "You ok pal? You look all riled up!"

Shy dude: "Oh me? I... I think i'll be ok..."
by Anti-bser-missile January 12, 2013
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Emo kids are mentally ill people who are always depressed, feel rejected or hated.

Usually they have the appearance as a goth only more depressed and tipped over. Some emos get so upset with their live they will inflict pain on themselves such as using Exacto blades to cut themselves with. This is usually the first sign that the life they have is dangerous.

Emos are generally idiots in my opinion, because they never look at the bright side of things and always push downwards and listen to depressing stressful music instead of nice classical or something other than "IM GUNNA FUKKIN DIE IF I DUNT SEE MAH LIFE GOING OVER WITH THE DEMONS OF SHIT!!! ROOOOAARRRRRR"
Emo kids are fucked, they need to stop buying modelling knives and start having fun, Besides drugs.

by Anti-bser-missile December 19, 2007
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1 .Someone who talks out of his ass, tries to "enhance" his personal biography with stories that usually won't fool anyone. 2. Someone who pertains to bullshit.
Dennis: Yeah, back in Nam' i flew the F-104 Starfighter in the special forces and i dogfighted 7 Mig-21's and shot each of them down except for one more when i ran out of ammo, so i started to gain some speed and ended up side by side with his jet, we looked at each other through the sides and i opened my Canopy and reached over to his jet with my combat knife and stabbed the mig pilot to death! Then i ran out of fuel so i took my oxygen tube and hooked it up to his fuel tank to my fuel tank and i took his fuel out while the pilot was dead and so i was able to travel home with a full tank. Yeah, i remember the sarge giving me 11 gold Valor ribbons, 19 Outstanding Airman badges, 90 Pilot badges, and 7 medal of honors, i keep them stored up my asshole. Oh yeah, and i also got a Astronaut badge when my F-104 achieved Mach-9.7 and went into Low earth orbit and stayed up there until the gravity pulled me back in which my jet as able to survive the Re-entry.

Me: Wow, you are the worst Bullshitter mankind has ever met.
by Anti-bser-missile February 1, 2009
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A Soap Opera based on depressed woman and men. IT is really fucked because it makes the world look so evil.

The acting is quite terrible and is a blight on TV.
One episode of All My Children:

Bionca: The reason i murdered your father is because he tried to rape me.
by Anti-bser-missile December 17, 2007
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"Did he drop any good loot?" is a infamous one-liner reply to a obituary on the World of Warcraft forums. The name of the person who replied was the one and only moroldonfarm that was a level 1 priest from the Chromaggus realm. Shortly after this reply he gave out; blizzard deleted the thread and banned moroldonfarm's account. It did not take long until people leaked images of the thread and the reply to show proof that it was real. The reply of Moroldonfarm remains a Legacy to this day to many WoW players.
The Obituary:

Nano: i'm Nano's brother, as you know i've been playing with his account for some time now on Sona. i'm writing here to inform everyone who may care that nano passed away, we held his funeral on tuesday. the only reason im writing this here is that whenever i told him how people after months still wrought about how good nano was and some wrote how he was the best hunter etc. That statement always made him smile and i think its fair you all should know about whats happened so you may, even if you didnt have the pleasure of meeting him in game say a little prayer for him. He was a good soul and i know many of you who met him in game would agree. i want to thank you from his behalf for giving him many months of true pleasure in wow. thank you.

Reply from moroldonfarm:

Moroldonfarm: did he drop any good loot?
by Anti-bser-missile October 16, 2008
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