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Dying Alone is the inevitable end every basement dweller virgin eventually faces once his time is up. Nobody will miss you, nobody will care and your body will rot for weeks before anyone even thinks to complain about "a funny odor".

You have failed at life and with nothing accomplished, no children or lover there to hold your hand when your bowels relax after the exasperated sigh of utter regret makes its way out of your greasy unloved body for the final time.

People who are dying alone:
- aspies
- weeaboos
- furries
- junkies
- feminazis
- WoW players
- the Kardashians
- Snookie
- Miley Cyrus
- anybody who says YOLO
loser: Aspies like me are gifted misunderstood intellectuals, people don't get that, nor do women, but I'm too busy having a life to deal with IRLships anway. Not to brag, but when I'm not managing at Walmart, I maintain a Level 80 Paladin on WoW and even run my own guild. I also make vLogs on YouTube with like 900 subs. I write too, you should check out my Twilight fanfic. I guess you could say I'm actually kind of a big deal.
norp: Wow dude, you are so dying alone.

guy: Hey man did you see that story on japanese men who think they're having actual relationships with 2D girlfriends? One of 'em even married his DS girlfriend!
man: Yea that's pretty sad, guy. Talk about dying alone lol
by xailu March 08, 2014
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