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1. a saying used when someone does something extremely dumb
2. an exclamation when used as "Ed on my face"
3. calling someone an Ed is a negative term, like calling someone a douche

1. "Wow he just drove his car into the wall"
"NO ED!"

2. "Ed ON My FACE! I just fking tripped."

3. "Wow those kids hang out at the playground and their like 15"
"What Eds"
by An Ed January 13, 2007
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past tense of to no

Definition: to go through forms/endless ad offers selecting no again and again.
1) Gah. I had to *no* through a dozen adds before I could get my score...

2) I just *noed* through all of those ads. they don't send you any spam.
by m adams April 20, 2008
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