A website dedicated to parodying mainly popular things on the internet, in the style of Wikipedia. Stuff they have articles on include memes and macros, amongst others. They also have articles on chatspeak, popular websites, and usergroups. Their articles usually contain little actual facts, and make little to no sense IRL. The site has been bashed for many reasons, due to it's innapropriate, borderline porn-site content, and making fun of topics often seen as serious. They mean it when they say they "do it for the lulz" (which is a popular phrase with users). However, the site was obviously not meant to be taken seriously, as many people will probably tell others who seem enraged by it. However, many also view Encyclopedia Dramatica as "going too far", because many times they not only parody certain topics, but spam and hack websites relating to that topic and post their content and opinions on there, too. They even poke fun at certain users on certain websites, these users often furious at what is said about them.
Personally, I find some of the content on ED (as it is commonly abbreviated) funny, even hilarious at times. However, some content does seem offensing if it bashes things I like or do. If this happens, I just remind myself it is only a website, and proceed to do something else. I know it sounds corny, but that's my advice to you if you are ever pissed off by that site. Remember, if you hate someone, but they haven't done anything illegal, you can't get them arrested. Same goes for ED. If you can't handle ED, you shouldn't look on there, and if you can't avoid it, then throw your modem out the window because you can't handle the internet. Note, however, that users who are parodied on there may experience different emotions due to users often flaming them when they object.
ED even has an IRC chat room, but I am a noob therefore I do not go in it. You might wanna though. I have no idea what's in there and no intention of finding out.
Another thing, if you are squemish or offended easily by pictures, do not go on their either. Almost every page links to a page with a "disturbing" pic.
I bet the people from Encyclopedia Dramatica will give this definition thumbs down because it says not to take it seriously.
by sorrysauce June 27, 2007
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Troll central. Nonsense website that provides racist, elitist, and sexist views and false information, as well a tips on how to troll a particular group or culture. Excessively use of internet kid words like 'failz' 'lulz' and 'haxorz.' make fun of most things, and make jokes in poor taste. they make fun of poeple's deaths, they refer to blacks as niggers, and classial music, and metal as 'talentless', along with many other racist, sexist and purely uneducated views on all sorts of things.
Me: According to some 11 year old 'failkid' on Encyclopedia Dramatica it was funny that Cliff Burton died, and that i should make terrorist jokes to muslims.

Another person: funny how they have no life, no friends, and their greatest goal in life is to piss of people on the internet

Me: yeah, its fucking lame
by GTASbo0mst1ck February 16, 2010
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The most god-awful disgrace to the internet that I have ever seen. They (the fags who run the website) think goatse and tubgirl are funny, they have porn pictures posted everywhere and they make it so it's full of lies and racist comments. They spell like they're in 1st grade and they have absolutley no life whatsoever. The articles aren't funny (they're extremley disturbing if you ask me) and they bash things that they probably don't know s**t about themselves. As stated in definition 2, these fags probably started the website to get revenge on Wikipedia for banning them after they vandalized Wikipedia's 4chan article AFTER they put disgusting and disturbing crap on 4chan. Speaking of which, Wikipedia is a factual and useful website, where people can look up information at their own leisure or for something important like a paper for school. These assholes from ED slander Wikipedia and say it sucks, when really, their website is 999,999,999,999 times more pathetic than anything else on the internet, even YTMND (no offense to YTMND fans).


Thank you.
Sometimes, I actually pay a visit to Encyclopedia Dramatica to see how much more pathetic it's gotten since I last saw it. Each time I pay a visit, I get scarred even more from seeing its retardedness.
by chimplol March 25, 2007
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The cesspool of the internet inhabited by the most unruly crowd of unfunny, uneducated, undisciplined and criminal assholes to ever use the web.

They are fans of taking innocent things such as Sonic the Hedgehog and posting the most distasteful, untrue, unfunny and frankly disgraceful shit they could pull out of their assholes about them.

Go to Uncyclopedia if you want a good laugh. They have the intelligence and skill to be funny without needing a ton of shock images (and while we're at it, funny whatsoever). Also they aren't a community of no-lifers that you see on encyclopedia dramatica.
Friend - Hey, go to Encyclopedia Dramatica and search "Sonic the Hedgehog"

Me - Thanks for filling my mind with the most inappropriate images of my favourite characters since I was a child.
by spsman69 April 15, 2011
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The place where people can hang out and pretend to be nazis and shit when all they really are is sad angry people who are writing about themselves and trying to apply it to other people. These are people who ruin the internet for everyone else and are overall annoying.
The entire site is a collection of teen angst and pointless articles. About as useful as Perez Hiltons website.
Ryan: Hey, did you read that article on YOU on Encyclopedia Dramatica?
Tyler: I did. Its pretty stupid that someone took the time to write all that out.
Ryan: Yeah. It sounded like he was trying to insult as many people as possible in a short amount of time.

Tyler: Yeah. Don't let that shit get to you man.
by whatswrongwiththeworld August 03, 2010
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If funny were to dig it's self a grave on the internet, Encyclopedia Dramatica would be it's graveyard.
Encyclopedia Dramatica is about as funny as reading an article in your newspaper about 37 infants being stabbed to death in the hospital that's 4 miles away from you.
by BaneTK January 19, 2008
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A parody of Wikipedia like Uncyclopedia, but much less funny. It's full of disgusting shock images, child porn, racism/bigotry/anti-Semitic hate speech, and is a haven for people with no lives. Makes fun of things in grossly wrong and vulgar ways. The most depraved, obscene and pathetic website on the Internet. Anyone who finds it funny should be given medication.
"we did it for the lulz"-Encyclopedia Dramatica

Below that sentence is an image of a headless corpse
by WPH15 August 02, 2009
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