Possibly the ugliest/coolest guy ever. A convicted sex offender, he has an abnormal appearance. Brian Peppers has become a recent internet celebrity as people have been accessing his photo through a sex offender database.

Nickname: "BeeP"
(* = offender)

by soliloquy April 01, 2005
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One of the biggest internet sensations known to man. He is a role model to many a' people around the world. He is a convicted sex offender in Ohio. He suffers from "crouzon's syndrome", making him that much more ugly. His face kind of looks like if you took a pumpkin, a cat, and a squash and put it all in a bag, then beat the everloving hell out of it with a baseball bat until it stops moving. When you take it out you get, Brian Peppers. Acording to files he resides in a place called "White House Rehab" in Ohio. Yet when you call there to ask for him, they tell you that there is no such person living there. We all know they are lying because the government told them to.
1. I went to Brian Peppers house today. He touched me then I got the fuck out of there because his face looks like a pumpkin.

2. Person 1: "The people at white house rehab said that hes not there"
Person 2: "They are a bunch of lying son of bitches, we are going to raid it and get him out of there."
by Mitch Tersteg November 19, 2006
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Noun. This term is used for any incidence of molestation or rape, usually dealing with small boys. It's a phrase that can be used in any everyday conversation, as long as you are under the age of 8.

Brian Peppers is feared around the world, it's no wonder there's a term named after him.
"Mom, I had "The Brian Peppers Experience" today, he said he didn't want you to know I've been playing video games at his house all week. He made me a cool drink, and that's all I remember!"
by Katy and Amanda August 26, 2007
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