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Something that people love to whine about.
If you come to Texas and you kill somebody, we kill you back. That's our policy.
by Vyryn February 15, 2005

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Someone who believes in the divine doctrine of our lord and savior, Alvis. He killed for your sins!
Crap screamer! You are forgetting the true meaning of Alvis Time. Niether is it ham nor pomp - nay, the true meaning of Alvis Time... is drinking. Drinking and revenge.

by Vyryn October 30, 2004

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The best composer this world has ever seen, or will ever see again, save for Mozart.
It doesn't get much better than Beethoven's 9th.
by Vyryn May 26, 2004

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Programs people use to play illegal copies of console games (ROMs), which are usually obtained through a file-sharing program of some sort.
Huh? I don't have thousands of dollars worth of illegal game-images on my computer...
by Vyryn May 25, 2004

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