Emilia is a kind friendly girl who sometimes swears, But has a good heart. She has a few close friends but a lot of friends! Some people don't like her, but she doesn't care, shes a strong girl. She has noice fashion choices too. Shes a smart girl who is always making me laugh!
Emilia is such a bitch
Shut up, shes who she is!
by DabbingSerena June 24, 2018
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A Province in Italy: Emilia-Romagna. A famouse highway running through the province and the city Bologna: the Via Emilia. Also a charactor in Shakespeare's "A Winter's Tale." The name itself means 'hard working.' Not to be confused with the English version Amelia or Emily.
Dude, let's go chill on the Via Emilia!
by The Great E December 1, 2006
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a good-looking girl can be included as a Greek goddess. a girl with the perfect body and looks. a wonderful personality and loved in bed
Omg Emilia is so beutiful
Everybody loved her
So hot!
by Amanda91919 March 6, 2017
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Of Italian descent, bit of a tree-hugger, excellent at sports
Check her ! What an Emilia !
by Summerbreeze111 October 14, 2009
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Emilia’s come in a wide range and variety, they’re often very pretty and funny. They have short attention spans and are easily annoyed by the smallest things. Emilia’s can be great fun as long as you don’t piss them off because they can be great in confrontation.
Person 1 “Hey, did you see Emilia today?”
Person 2 “Yeah, she’s stunning but i heard she can be a fiesty biatchhh!”
by Mila_ January 10, 2018
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Emilia is the type of girl who is everything. When you first meet her things will be relatively awkward but when you get to know her she will talk a lot to you. She has the best style and is really pretty. She is very sweet but savage at times in the real world she is very shy but very sweet at the same time. There are no words to describe her. She can be into video games if they’re good as well. She probably would be the best person you’ll ever meet. She doesn’t get offended easily but is still a little insecure. She has a heart of gold and is probably one of the best people you will EVER meet.
Person “is that Emilia???? I’ve heard she soo sweet”
Person “I know right you being friends with her is awesome!!”
by MyIBFFsBFF June 6, 2019
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Emilias are the kindest most funniest people you will ever meet. They love dumplings and cheese sticks. Emilias are really smart and unique. They are the worst at Khan academy and get grounded a lot. When Emilias call you a friend they mean it because they never lie.
Emilia is my best friend.
by Rachie_definitions June 19, 2017
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