someone who is open and friendly that's ready to assist
It's easier talking to somebody that's approachable.
by Gerard Irick May 18, 2010
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v. To get closer to something.
The troops approached the enemy to attack accurately.
by Flávio Faria May 11, 2006
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The act of ejaculation among women and men alike, as long as it is completed through a second party.
Him 2, enter stage left: LETS APPROACH TOGETHER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
by Dr. Georgina Phalangie MD February 19, 2018
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"She walks down the hallway wearing a leather jacket, to observers she appears approachable."
by Suspiciously Mq January 10, 2021
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Approachable ..

I am ..

Very …

Oh … … Certain conditions …

If I happen see stalker boy

When we happen to meet ..

I will take this as proof of stalkery

This will then become part of my defence …

If I become unaccountable for my words or actions …

Why write this ?

Cause I know he will see it too ..

That’s a fact …

Sad but true

Will she see these words?

Obviously ;) and at least maybe think one less obstacle briefly tamed perhaps …

I don’t even need a hug or whatever.. just a simple convo where I actually get to meet your eyes .. and gain some truth ..,

Been a long time …

Bordering on forever …

Strangely, writing that .. just had the thought of how will you act/ be if this actually one day happens

Even more strangely .. smiled for the first time in ages …

I do have a warped sense of humour I guess …
Approachable ..

by LetsTalkAboutX April 26, 2023
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Approach anxiety (AA) is a term used to describe a man who feels highly nervous, awkward and distressed during (or even before) the act of approaching and getting to know women he has never met before. While the anxiety often derives from a greater social phobia, approach anxiety itself derives specifically from man's belief that he is very likely to be rejected by the woman of his desire in unplesant and harsh ways.

In most cases, a man who tries to overcome this particular anxiety may experience symptoms such as rapid heart rate, clammy hands and excessive body sweating, thought paralysis (i.e 'going blank' or 'freezing up'), rapid speach, uncharacteristic stuttering, unintentional fidgeting and many other forms of physical or mental reactions to high stress.

by Doc Xavian December 27, 2008
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To approach and start a conversation with a total stranger, usually with a romantic intention.
John has some huge balls. He just goes up to girls he doesn't know, tells them they are cute, flirts a bit more, and then gets their number.
I wish I could cold approach like that.
by financestud April 27, 2007
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