A school that focuses on Aviation with two campuses: one in Daytona Beach, Florida and one in Prescott, Arizona.

Both of these schools are really boring, but the Prescott campus is probably worse.

There are no girls at this school - its over 90% male. It's also full of a billion fucking preps, nerds and losers who try to act like they're from California. It's also pretty boring unless you have a car and you'll probably contemplate transferring to another school more than once. It is also expensive as shit.

If you're thinking of of going to this school, you better be DAMN FUCKING SURE you want to because if you change your mind, you'll spend nearly 30 grand a year for nothing. So don't bitch out.

Oh and there's not much partying. Most of them suck. But if you're a douche bag and join a lame ass fraternity, you'll probably have an easier time getting crunk. Kiss your ass and money goodbye if you're caught though. This school doesn't fuck aroud, nigga.

Despite the negatives its' a pretty good school. The weather is good and its a quiet atmosphere that allows you to study. If you're sure you can handle it and want to have a great job in aviation, this is the school you want.
Fuck! Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University is fucking expensive as shit. Most of the girls are ugly too.
by ERAU Nigga January 02, 2008
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An aviation school where you pay twice is much to be only half as good. Numbers do not lie. Embry-Riddle students chose to ignore numbers though. This is due to the fact they do not have a well rounded university experience. They also have 90% male student body. This could contribute to their very high numbers of homosexuality in the student body. They spend huge amounts of money on advertising which could be a contributing factor to as why they cost twice as much as the number one aviation college in the United States. The average Embry Riddle student is a male, very preppy kid from a rich family that believes he and his univeristy is the best even when all the statistics say otherwise. He is also usually an in the closet homosexual. They believe they are superior pilots due to the fact that they paid more for their education. Overall one of those typical stuck up private schools that only rich kids go to.
Embry-Riddle recruiter: I see your interested in Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University .
High School Student: Yes I am but I'm wondering. Why does Embry-Riddle costs twice as much when all the numbers and statistics of succes point to The University of North Dakota?
Embry-Riddle Recruiter: Well that is because we are just simply better.
High School Student: Well thats weird because facts seem to point to that MSU Mankato is just as good as you. How embarassing!
by deltapilot March 31, 2009
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