One of the main characters in a popular Netflix show, Stranger Things. Trapped and experimented on in a lab for her telekinesis powers before running away and meeting Mike Wheeler, another main character on the show.
I ship Eleven and Mike #Mileven!
I loved Eleven in season 2 of Stranger Things!
by LunaticChic February 05, 2018
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A quirky, teenage girl who appears in the Netflix hit show, "Stranger Things". You could see her eating eggos from a store she robbed, or shopping without permission with her friend, "Max"
Mike: My grandma was sick, so we were here to get here a present. You- you too!
Eleven: I dump your ass
(Will, Max, Lucas look surprised and shocked)
by YeetUrFeet24/7 August 30, 2019
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When two men with erections stand against each other. Their erect penises are side by side making an eleven.
Your so hard, I love feeling elevens with you.
by zimmerframe August 27, 2018
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