Is a person who likes eggos

Might have psychic powers
Eleven is a eggo lover
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by ukezi July 19, 2019
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A mysterious girl, who was found in the woods in the show: Stranger Things. She has a shaved head with Telapathic Abilities. (She can control things with her hands and mind.) At first, people think she is a freak, a weirdo but when she helps her friends: Dustin Mike Will Lucas and Sadie , they all know that she is a precious person who can help people even when there is monsters, bullies and more. She can get angry at times but that’s only when people or monsters make her angry.
β€œEleven is cool!”
β€œYeah, she is but never make her angry or she will use her abilities .”
β€œOh okay.”
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by Crystal 101 July 28, 2019
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To stop, pause, hold up, quit.
"I used to mess with her but after she got clingy I had to eleven it.
by DMolly January 18, 2021
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The number "11" but in a word.
I went to an animal shelter, they had eleven cats and twenty-three dogs.
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by LilHungryAsshole August 10, 2019
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A strong willed girl who has a past of bad, strange things. Including demogorgons and Dr Brenner's. She has 3 best friends, Mike, Dustin and Lucas. You could count Mike as her lover. She can always keep a promise and she loves Eggos.
Mike: Eleven?
Eleven: Yes?
Mike: Doesn't matter.

Eleven: Friends don't lie.

by StrangerMeaningsOfThings February 08, 2019
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A girl who barely looks like a girl at all, an escaped lab rat who can be found wandering in the forest as if she were Logan Paul, except there aren't any dead bodies, who's attracted to Eggos and a boy named Mike Wheeler, who has special powers that can do stuff like snap people's necks, contact people from the Upside Down, and make bullies wet themselves.
Person 1: "I found some dude in the woods!"
Person 2: "What the hell? Is he looking for his brain?"
Person 1: *laughs his head off*
Person 2: "He thinks he can replace it with a stupid waffle!!!"
Both: *laughing their heads off*
Person 1: *picks up the Eggos and tries to eat them*
Eleven: *snapping both their necks with her mind* LEGGO MY FRICKING EGGOS!
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by Flatblok71 August 28, 2019
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