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The two vertical wrinkles between a person's eyebrows, which make the person look angry, but also create the appearance of the number eleven, hence "angry 11". The result of aging, sun exposure, and frowning, they are also known as frown lines.
Jennifer has a gnarly angry eleven. She needs some Botox injections.
by Casa de mil suenos June 24, 2014

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The title of the popular Lionsgate/Netflix television show "Orange is the New Black" was humorously adapted in November 2016 following the U. S. Presidential election of Donald Trump, to indicate that Trump (known for his orange-colored skin) would be replacing President Barack Obama (who is black).
Donald Trump beat Hillary Clinton in the election...orange is the new black!
by Casa de mil suenos January 15, 2017

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"You Always Have Other Options"
Yahoo! There's another way to do this!
Yahoo! There's another way to get there!
Yahoo! I figured out a way to get out of this mess!
by Casa de mil suenos August 19, 2013

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The plastic cone-shaped protective collar that a veterinarian puts on a dog or cat to prevent them from licking or pawing at an area of their body while it's healing from an injury or surgery. Also referred to as an Elizabethan collar (or e-collar), because of its similarity to the collars worn in Elizabethan dress.
Sherpa isn't enjoying being with the other dogs at the dog park today. You can tell he's embarrassed wearing the cone of shame that the vet put on him after his injury.
by Casa de mil suenos August 13, 2017

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An elderly version of the screen-ager. An adult who spends an excessive amount of time on their personal electronic device, usually on social media, rudely ignoring the people around them, and oblivious to their immediate surroundings.
Husband to wife:
Honey, please get off instagram. We're at dinner with friends. That's rude. You're such a screen-elder
by Casa de mil suenos August 13, 2017

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In equestrian life, the day that sport horses get to take a rest and aren't ridden, typically Monday's.
I have Monday free to go to the beach. I won't be riding because it's horse sabbath.
by Casa de mil suenos August 13, 2017

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