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An adjective describing something that exceeds its perceived upper bounds.
"Why not just make ten the top number and make that the highest?"

"...these go up to eleven."
by rancidmonkey February 13, 2004
Effect obtained when a man twists his balls way up so they stick out over the waist of his pants. So named because it looks like a peach is suspended in front of him.
Gaze into my hypnotic peach...
by rancidmonkey February 15, 2004
Just about the coolest middle name in the world.
Lydia Maru, get down off of that table this instant!
by rancidmonkey May 27, 2003
An urban slang rendering of a common phrase in real estate, "For Sale By Owner."
Fo' Shizzle My Nizzle:
3 bedroom, 2 bath cape cod in desirable neighborhood. Close to schools, parks, and shopping. Asking $149,900.

request for deletion of definition from rancidmonkey:"This definition could not be correct. Real Estate agents, urban or otherwise, would never use slang to advertise. The meaning is also too formal to ever be used in everday conversation, such a word rendered in slang would be."
by rancidmonkey May 23, 2003
Salutation tacked onto every correspondence written by someone who lives in Hawaii. While they are smart enough to not just say, "By the way, I live in Hawaii. Enjoy freezing to death, you losers," they aren't smart enough to figure out that NOBODY CARES WHERE YOU LIVE.
Yeah, you guessed it. I'm from Michigan.
by rancidmonkey February 13, 2004
Adjective meaning crazy with rage, possessed of blind fury, going "medieval." Also used in sexual situations to describe kinky, rough sex.
Store clerk: "I'm sorry, we don't do exchanges without a reciept."
Customer: "Bitch, I'm about to go Marv Albert on yo' ass!"
by rancidmonkey May 27, 2003