It means that something has been done or said so many times, the count is infinite
Child: Grandma, can I buy some ice cream from the ice cream truck?

Grandma: Chile, I've told you fifty-eleven times I don't have any money for you to be wastin on that ice cream truck.
by Ms. Peaches May 26, 2004
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It could be defined as 65, but the true meaning is a very large quantity of something.
"There are fifty-eleven mosquitos in my tent!"
"Wendy's bithday party had fifty-eleven guests!"
"I want to have fifty-eleven friends when I grow up!"
by whendj February 4, 2010
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Old style reebok classic aerobic high top tennis shoes for women . The name comes from the fact that the total price of the shoes including tax comes to $54.11. The style comes in all colors of the rainbow.
My pink top will look cute with those hot pink fifty-four elevens.
by Jocelyn Lee April 13, 2004
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Basically a time of death. One minute before midnight, one minute after 11:58. Only real nerds will get this reference.

Well, not until 2025. Because I'm from the future.
Eleven fifty nine - The exact time someone dies.
by Dagranite April 7, 2016
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