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Quite possibly one of the greatest bands in existence
(of course that's just an opinion, you may disagree )

Consisting of:
Dick Valentine (vocals)
The Colonel (guitar)
Johnny Na$hinal (guitar)
Smorgasbord! (bass)
Tait Nucleus? (keyboards)
Percussion World (drums)

Responsible for such albums as: Fire, Flashy, Senor Smoke, Switzerland, I Shall Exterminate Everything Around Me That Restricts Me from Being the Master

Responsible for the songs: Gay Bar, Dance Commander, Danger! High Voltage, Gay Bar pt 2, Graphic Designer, Down at McDonaldz, and many more musical masterpieces
Guy 1: Dude, Electric six is the best band ever.

Guy 2: I concur with the previous statement
by LosGerMexicano June 23, 2009
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Detroit based band known for crude, sexual, humorous, and slightly arousing lyrics. They're lyrics include a large usage of the words fire, dance, and nuclear. The band has a pop, disco, rock and roll feel. They are also (self proclaimed) West Michigan's premier political band. The drummer is from Muskegon. He lives in a house, with a bird.
Person 1: Hey! I'm listening to West Michigan's premier political band!
Person 2: You must be talking about Electric Six.
by Talsmania April 11, 2009
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Not Britsh you moron. Detroit based rock band. Famous for their compulsive lying, bizarre style and friendship with the White Stripes.
Dick Valentine was disapointingly boring on Never Mind The Buzzcocks.
by dudeman April 16, 2004
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an american disco-rock band from detriot that specialise in makeing weak people feel sick, those of us who can withstand are able to prasie them for a good effort
you, i wanna take you to a meat farm, wanna take you to a meat farm wanna take you to a meat farm,meat farm, meat farm, meat farm...... raaaaaaaaaaa
by phill January 18, 2004
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Detroit-based band currently consisting of Dick Valentine, The Colonel, Johnny Na$hinal, Smorgasbord!, Tait Nucleus?, and Percussion World. It also consist of a lot of former members. Not really one music genre but known for fusing other genres of music together such as disco, metal, rock, and punk to create their own unique and original sound.

The band is also known for their crude, sexual, and humorous lyrics. Lead singer Dick Valentine has known to say "90% of our songs are about absolutely nothing". The band is notorious to lie to their fans a lot and tell jokes at their gigs.

Ever since October 2003, the band has released an album, so most of their fans expect it. You would expect the quality of the music to decrease doesn't.
Example 1:
Person With Amazing Music Taste- Hey, have you heard of Electric Six? They are the most awesome band ever.
Idiot- Aren't they those guys that sing Gay Bar?
Person With Amazing Music Taste- *facepalm*

Example 2:
Person With Amazing Music Taste- Hey, October is right around the corner and you know what that means!
Person With Amazing Music Taste- Haha, yep! They've basically caught up with the Saw series.
by PeppermintEgo August 06, 2011
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