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the traditional greeting in Australia
g'day mate how r ya?
by Phill August 16, 2003
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When someone has a sense of, or knows how to handle themselves in a rough neighbourhood or ghetto. People can be street smart regardless of their style. It usualy depends on where or how they were raised. It also can mean how well someone can handle themselves in an unfamiliar neighbourhood or city streets.
Christos the greek wasn't a thug but he was raised in a ghetto neighbourhood and was street wise. He had no problem walking through a rough neighbourhood at night.
On the other hand Steve the wigger considered himself a thug but was raised in a fairly rich, high class neighbourhood. He wasn't street wise and when he needed to walk through the projects he was so afraid he almost shit his pants and took a cab home instead.
by phill July 09, 2004
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damn suzy i wanna fuck your grandmas soggy,wet hairy clitoris wat a g.i.l.f!!!!!
by phill March 04, 2005
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A fat, naked, retarded boy that loves to eat lard, jizzes on people and teddy bears from sky while acting like a pigeon, fuses with everything like in dragon ball z/gt, has 3 boobs, under his middle boob he has Yu-Gi-Oh! cards and when he uses them, his hair changes like the guy in the cartoon.
Beego is pure "F" "A" "T" baby
by Phill March 31, 2004
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an american disco-rock band from detriot that specialise in makeing weak people feel sick, those of us who can withstand are able to prasie them for a good effort
you, i wanna take you to a meat farm, wanna take you to a meat farm wanna take you to a meat farm,meat farm, meat farm, meat farm...... raaaaaaaaaaa
by phill January 18, 2004
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Intel trying to stop competition
p1:can i get cheap Rambus memory
sales person: hahahaha intel and cheap dont go together
by Phill August 16, 2003
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zoh-kee-doh-kee n.
The hottest lady ever. Everyone loves her. See (popular)
ZokeeDokie rules! Bow down to ZokeeDokie.
by Phill November 07, 2003
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